2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Review

authorBy Avinaba
  • Release Date: Fall 2022.
  • Estimated Price: Starting at $49,000. 

Note: The following unofficial details and images are based on the Alfa Romeo from the previous year. We anticipate a comparable lineup for the 2023 model, and once we receive all the details, we'll update the concerning areas.

What to expect?

  • Estrema trim is being introduced in a limited quantity.
  • A 2018 Stelvio model from the first generation.


You don't want to drive the same luxury crossover as everyone else in town; you want an SUV that feels like something. Alfa Romeo may offer the perfect car for you. The Stelvio is a tiny SUV that offers sporty driving, albeit with certain inherent trade-offs, and is distinguished by its engine and cockpit design that puts the driver first.

For 2023, Alfa Romeo is introducing a brand-new, limited-edition trim. The top-tier Quadrifoglio trim is above the Estrema trim. The 280-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that powers everything under the 505-horsepower Quadrifoglio is included, as is a limited-slip differential. Additional features include an all-wheel drive that is connected to an eight-speed transmission.

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The Estrema, shown above, has a variety of design accents, including gloss black 21-inch alloy wheels, a carbon-fiber veneer on the grille and mirror caps, and black gloss on the door pillars and side window trim. Black leather sport seats, red stitching on the upper door panels, and carbon fiber elements on the center console, doors, and dash can all be found inside. Alfa White, Alfa Rosso, Misano Blue, and Vulcano Black are the available colors for the Estrema trim, which has a starting price of $60,545..

The Stelvio added extra driver aid technologies for the 2022 model year, like adaptive cruise control, but it still trails behind rivals (in particular, the Genesis GV70). This, together with certain dubious material selections and a general absence of a luxurious atmosphere within the car, may cause you to second-guess your decision to purchase the Stelvio. Until you drive the SUV on a wide-open road, that is. 

Alfa Romeo's crossover hit every driving attribute right on the head, so if you don't want a BMW X4 or Mercedes-Benz GLC but still want an SUV with sporty driving and distinctive looks, the Stelvio might be the best option.

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Expert Advice

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a unique, entertaining SUV with certain drawbacks in terms of functionality and technology. It expands the selection for 2023 with a beautiful limited-edition Estrema trim. Interested in checking out the vehicle? Check out our website carweek.com to see or search for the latest new cars near you. Explore New cars now!


Q. Is Alfa Romeo Stelvio a good buy?

Ans: Absolutely, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a top-notch compact luxury SUV. It sports a powerful basic engine and offers energetic handling. The top-spec Quadrifoglio has an even more powerful V6. However, this Alfa's interior has significant drawbacks, including hard seats and a small cargo area.

Q. What problems does Alfa Romeo Stelvio have?

Ans: There were eight recalls for the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio due to problems with the brake fluid being contaminated, the electrical system not functioning properly, heat damage from engine misfires, coolant leaks, adaptive cruise control that might not turn off, and an inaccurate fuel gauge.

Q. Is Alfa Romeo Stelvio good on gas?

Ans: According to the EPA, the 2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio may achieve a city fuel economy of up to 22 miles per gallon. That fuel economy increases to 29 miles per gallon when driving on the highway. 

Q. How long does Stelvio last?

Ans: Alfa Romeo performed well in our 2020 Driver Power survey. It finished ninth overall out of 30 brands surveyed. Owners love the way their cars look and drive, but reliability seems to be a weakness – some 28.6% of Alfa owners reported at least one fault within the first year of ownership.

Q. Are Alfa Romeo Stelvio expensive to fix?

Ans: Over the course of five years, upkeep on a 2020 Stelvio with all-wheel drive might cost more than $4,500. The estimated maintenance cost for the 2020 4C Coupe over a five-year period is $4,500.

Q. Where is Alfa Romeo Stelvio made?

Ans: The FCA facility in Cassino produces the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (Frosinone, Italy).

Q. Is Alfa Romeo considered a luxury car?

Ans: Alfa Romeo is, in fact, regarded as a luxury car maker.