Electric Cars With The Longest Range

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Futuristic Electric Vehicles

While gasoline-powered cars will still be on the road for many years to come, the world is changing, and government emissions standards and environmentally conscious customers are forcing automakers to develop cutting-edge automobiles. The outcome is a fast expanding number of new electric automobiles. And with new technology comes new designs, new features, and new difficulties. 

Therefore, EVs give rapid torque and, in some circumstances, mind-blowing power, despite having slower charge times, a shorter range, and greater curb weights than their gas-powered counterparts. Though our love of the visceral, noise-producing cars of today is not likely to fade, the variety of new EVs brought to market makes it easy to get excited about tomorrow.

2022 Lucid Air

Range: 520 Miles

Price: $170,500

Overview and Performance: With a large 118.0 kWh battery, 933 horsepower, and a stated 2.7-second zero-to-60-mph performance, the Air Dream Edition Range is powerful. The Performance exhaust produces 1111 horsepower with an approximate max range of 471 miles. The most economical New Lucid Air is the $78,900 Pure variant, a 480-hp rear-drive type good for a claimed 406 miles.

Fuel Economy: 125 MPGe

2022 Tesla Model S

Range: 405 miles

Price: $106,190

Overview and Performance: The Tesla Model S represents the bleeding edge of EV technology. It combines a wide operating range, usefulness, and breathtaking performance in a beautiful, if expensive, package. 

The new Plaid Plus model, which Tesla claims has 1020 horsepower, will cost nearly twice as much as the base Long Range trim but will only have a range of 348 miles according to the EPA's estimates when equipped with 21-inch wheels.

Fuel Economy: 124 MPGe combined city and highway

2022 Tesla Model 3

Range: 358 miles

Price: $59,440

Overview and Performance: One of the most enduring models in the EV market, the Tesla Model 3, keeps getting better. While the standard model's range increases from 263 to 272 miles, the amazing 358-mile range of the Model 3 Long Range now makes it the longest-driving Model 3. The Model 3's spacious rear hatch and flat-folding seats are ideal for those who require the most utility possible. Additionally, it is by far the most reasonably priced model with a range of at least 350 miles.

Fuel economy: 134 MPGe 

2022 Mercedes EQS

Range: 350 miles

Price: $103,360

Overview and Performance: The EQS, which is the first vehicle to ride on the new Mercedes-Benz EV platform, is a flagship when fully fueled. The mid-size EQE sedan and other totally electric EQ models will come later, but for now, the 329-hp EQS is the only one available. The EQS uses a 107.8 kWh battery in both versions, however, the rear-drive EQS450+ is the model with the maximum range, with an EPA-estimated 350 miles. The 516-hp EQS580 4Matic is not far behind with a 340-mile rating. Although the GS450 starting price is about $17,000 less than that of the EQS580 4Matic, which offers the benefit of 187 horsepower at the cost of only 10 miles of additional range.

Fuel Economy: 95 MPGe

2022 Tesla Model X

Range: 348 miles

Price: $122,440

Overview and Performance: The Model X's welcoming front fascia and optional third row of seats are deceptive. The SUV powered by electricity from Tesla may serve as a family vehicle and is also blazingly fast.

An axle-mounted motor is included in the entry-level variant. The Model X, according to Tesla, boasts 670 horsepower, good for a claimed 3.8-second acceleration to 60 mph. When you upgrade to the Plaid level, you receive a second motor that, according to Tesla, produces a combined 1020 horsepower and reduces the time from 0 to 60 in just 2.5 seconds.

Fuel Economy: 102 MPGe

2022 Tesla Model Y

2022 tesla  model y

Range: 330 miles

Price: $67,440 

Overview and Performance: The Model 3 and Tesla's Model Y are genetically very similar, intensifying competition in the crossover market. The critic's vehicle passed muster during testing, with the Long Range and Performance variants recording blistering zero-to-60 mph numbers of 4.4 and 3.6 seconds, respectively.

Fuel Economy: 127 MPGe

2022 GMC Hummer EV

Range: 329 miles

Price: $110,295

Overview and Performance: The GMC Hummer EV enters the fray  crab-walking in at 9063 pounds. The Edition 1 pickup boasts all-wheel drive and a three-motor setup that produces 1000 horsepower, and it uses GM's 212.7-kWh Ultium battery. The Hummer EV's range exceeds Ford's 300-mile prediction for its future F-150 Lightning and surpasses that of the Rivian R1T, the second EPA-rated electric truck.

Fuel Economy: 51 MPGe

2022 BMW iX 

Range: 324 miles

Price: $84,195

Overview and Performance: The BMW iX xDrive is propelled by two electric motors that have a total output of 516 horsepower. The iX xDrive50 has the longest range of this EV, with an EPA-estimated 324 miles when using the standard 20-inch wheels. The range is dependent on tire size. If you upgrade to wheels with a diameter of 21 or 22, the corresponding figures drop to 305 and 315 miles, respectively.

Fuel Economy: 86 MPGe

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Range: 320 miles

Price: $74,169

Overview and Performance: With the F-150 Lightning, Ford won the competition to create the first widely available electric pickup truck over Chevy and Ram. The greatest range variation of this electric vehicle is the Lighting Extended Range, which has an EPA-rated range of 320 miles. The Lightning Platinum we tested reached 60 mph in under 4 seconds with Ford's larger 131.0-kWh battery pack.

Fuel Economy: 78 MPGe

2022 Rivian R1S

Range: 316 miles

Price: $70,000

Overview and Powertrain: The Rivian R1S has the same all-wheel-drive system as the R1T truck and the same powertrain. Even though it had lower combined, city, and highway MPGe than the R1T, the EPA nonetheless gave it an additional two miles of range. The same 135.0-kWh battery that powers the pickup also powers the R1S, which received this 316-mile EPA estimate. It has an advantage over other completely electric SUVs like the Audi e-Tron due to its range and off-road-ready appearance.

Fuel Economy: 73 MPGe

Expert Advice

The new models marketed in America are the only ones included in this list of the longest-range electric vehicles, which are ordered from shortest to longest by EPA combined driving range. We've only included the longest-range model of each electric car on the list to keep things straightforward. The basic price and EPA MPGe rating—the electric vehicle equivalent of miles per gallon—were also listed for each vehicle. Even though we didn't test every model with the longest range using our unique EV highway range testing method, we shared the information when it was feasible. However, the driving range is what determines how useful an EV will be in daily life. There might be an EV on this list that has the ideal range for you.

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Q. What fully electric vehicle has the longest range?

  • 2022 GMC Hummer EV: 329 Miles.
  • 2022 Tesla Model Y: 330 Miles.
  • 2022 Tesla Model X: 348 Miles.

Q. Do any electric cars go 400 miles?

Tesla took the Model S past 400 miles of EV range in EPA testing back in 2020. Lucid Motors pushed its Air sedan past 500 miles of EV range in EPA testing in 2021. Several production EV models from traditional manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, and Ford now have top ranges exceeding 300 miles.

Q. What electric car can go 500 miles?

Currently, there is only one production electric car that has over 500 miles of driving range: the 2022 Lucid Air luxury sports sedan.

Q. Which 2022 electric car has the longest range?

  • Lucid Air: 520 miles.
  • Tesla Model S: 405 miles.
  • Tesla Model 3: 358 miles.