2022 Lexus NX Redesigned 350 - A Brilliant Choice

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2022 Lexus NX 350


MSRP range: $41,950 - $49,400

The New Lexus NX 350 is a reliable small luxury SUV with lots of standard driver aid systems and a luxurious, high-quality cabin. While the NX does not lead its class in terms of cargo capacity, interior spaciousness, or overall performance, it performs well enough in each area to be a desirable option.

The NX 350 is a dependable small luxury SUV with numerous standard driver assistance features and a high-end, opulent interior. The NX performs well enough in each of these categories to be a desirable alternative, even though none of them place it at the top of its class in terms of cargo capacity, interior space, or overall performance.

But to be honest, the new NX is attempting to clear a low hurdle while the opposition hasn't been standing still.


The experts claim they drove the F Sport variant and that it offers a pleasant blend of comfort and power. Although acceleration on the test track was unimpressive (0-60 mph in 7 seconds), the turbocharged engine has adequate power to reach motorway speeds or overtake slower-moving vehicles. The eight-speed automatic transmission shifts fairly smoothly but not exceptionally quickly.

The NX 350 F Sport recorded a slightly better than the average distance of 117 feet during the panic-braking test from 60 mph. The NX's brakes operate predictably and smoothly on the road. Though driving authorities are confident, they wouldn't go so far as to describe the NX's handling as sporty. When cornering, the test vehicle's F Sport package reduced body roll.

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The expert's test subject, the NX 350 F Sport, rides tautly and securely without being excessively rigid. Additionally, the F Sport has unique seats that are more bolstered yet soft and comfy like those in a conventional NX. The back seats in our test NX had better than average shaping and support, and the seat heating and ventilation responded quickly.

The majority of the climate control options are simple to use and easily accessible. Reviewers believed the center vents were too low to be very useful on a warm day, but the three-zone climate system did an excellent job of keeping a predetermined temperature. Although there was little to no wind noise that the experts could detect inside, there was more tire hum than they had anticipated. Interior noise levels are generally modest.


The NX 350 offers a reasonable return on investment. The NX 350 boasts an incredible assortment of cutting-edge driver safety technology in addition to having an all-wheel drive standards (other competitors selling for a comparable price don't). Excellent interior construction quality is another benefit.

The Lexus has a four-year/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper and six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty, which is standard for the class. Four years of roadside assistance, regardless of mileage, are provided, but just one year of free maintenance is provided.

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The NX's interior combines the excellent attention to detail that Lexus is known for with some perplexing and occasionally annoying design decisions. The 14-inch touchscreen display is a highlight because of its excellent appearance and swift answers.

However, the shift lever uses the odd shift pattern found in the Toyota Prius, which occasionally caused us to shift into neutral when we believed we were in drive. The steering wheel's unlabeled buttons are another source of annoyance. 

Although they are cleverly versatile thanks to Lexus, their capabilities are only visible in the head-up display and demand too much concentration to carry out basic tasks.


The NX doesn't have as much cargo space as many of its competitors. The NX falls short of both the used BMW X3 (26.7 cubic feet) and the Acura RDX (22.7 cubic feet) in this regard (31.1 cubes). Nevertheless, the NX's spacious load area and absence of wheel well intrusions make it simple to load big, hefty things. The seats are power folding.

Although the interior storage of the NX falls short of some of its competitors, it does provide a good amount of practical and convenient space for personal goods. We value the substantial center console storage under the arms and the concealed cubby beneath the optional wireless charging pad.

Note that the NX 350 is only rated to tow a relatively paltry 2,000 pounds when properly equipped, even while we appreciate that towing isn't typically towards the top of the list when purchasing a small luxury SUV. Competitors like the BMW X3 and used Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 have towing capacities of 3,500 and 4,400 pounds, respectively.


Quick answers and clear, easy-to-read graphics are welcomed, although the menu system could be more clearly organized. The Mark Levinson audio system features speakers and was also included in our test car. If you have a little additional money in your budget, it's well worth the upgrade because it's quite strong and has fantastic clarity.

Strangely, while wireless smartphone connectivity is commonplace, navigation is not. For the cloud-based service to continue after the trial period has ended, Lexus charges a fee (every two years as of the time of this writing). Despite being able to do everything from changing the radio station to switching on the wipers, the voice controls on the NX were a little lackluster, largely because of their poor response times.

The Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, which contains almost all of the cutting-edge driver assistance you'd expect, is a standard feature of the NX. Response times were on the cautious side, but there were no erroneous alarms.

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Fuel Economy

The NX 350, which comes standard with all-wheel drive, achieves 25 mpg in combined city/highway driving, according to the EPA. That is about average for an SUV in this category. Reviewers obtained precisely 25 mpg over the 115 miles of our mixed-driving study route, and they came very close to matching that figure on the second tank of fuel with some more city driving. They believe the Lexus should be able to fulfill its EPA estimates the majority of the time because repeatability is somewhat tougher to come by in this class. The NX 350 needs premium fuel, just like many other cars in its class.

Expert Advice

It can be challenging to tell what you're going to receive from the NX 350 at first glance. The NX, though, makes a few mistakes, and Lexus intelligently selected its concessions. A smooth ride and the engine's ease of use make up for the lack of performance, while high levels of comfort and reliable day-to-day utility make up for the smaller interior and lesser load space.

The build quality and generally stress-free character we have come to anticipate from the brand, however, are without dispute. While rival SUVs firmly prioritize luxury over sport or vice versa, the NX manages to combine elements of both without suffering any significant drawbacks.

Five passengers can sit in the small, luxurious Lexus NX 350 SUV. It is available in the NX 350 and NX 350 F Sport Handling trims, each of which has an eight-speed automatic transmission, a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 275 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque, and standard all-wheel drive.

Even if we prefer to drive this SUV's more expensive NX 350 F Sport Handling model, most folks will be perfectly content with the less expensive regular NX 350. If you decide to update your NX with more features, this also frees up some cash to buy the Premium package or Luxury package. Also well worth purchasing is the outstanding 17-speaker Mark Levinson audio system.

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Q. Is Lexus NX 2022 available in the US?

Ans: High-quality Lexus vehicles are produced in a number of facilities in Japan, Canada, and the United States, and they significantly improve your travel experience. The following places are well-known for producing Lexus vehicles: the Japanese city of Tahara: LS, GS, IS, GX, RX, & NX.

Q. How long is the wait for a 2022 Lexus NX?

Ans: With current wait periods at an estimated 3-6 months, the (expected lower-volume) NX250 and NX350 petrol-only versions are in a better position, but things are still a bit hazy.

Q. Is the 2022 Lexus NX in production?

Ans: President of TMMC (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.) Fred Volf previously declared that beginning in 2022, the most recent model of the Lexus NX would be built at the Cambridge, Ontario facility.

Q. Is the 2022 Lexus NX Made in Japan?

Ans: The Lexus NX is a small luxury crossover SUV that is offered by Lexus, a luxury division of Toyota (Japanese: NX, Hepburn: Rekusasu NX). It was released in late 2014 and fills the space between the mid-size RX and the small UX.