Why should I buy a car with a rebuilt title?

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Why should I buy a car with a rebuilt title?

If you are looking to buy a used car in 2022 then it is quite obvious that you wish to be cost-efficient and save some money. With this kind of mindset, we often look for the best qualities at the cheapest possible prices. It is therefore important that you explore all kinds of options, even among used cars. One such option is buying a car with a rebuilt title. The question that immediately follows this would be should I buy a car with a rebuilt title? What are the benefits of buying it and are there any cons?

You don’t need to worry because we are here to answer your questions and clear all your doubts. We will talk about topics like salvage and rebuilt titles when it comes to used cars, why it is cheaper to get cars with rebuilt titles and if there are any safety concerns you need to look out for. 

What does a rebuilt title mean? 

There are some terms that you should be mindful of while buying a pre-owned vehicle, two such important terms are salvage and rebuilt titles. These are labels or titles on the used cars depending upon their condition and vehicle history. To talk about it in more detail: 

  • Salvage title implies a vehicle that is deemed to be completely obsolete or useless by a car insurer, it has no value. It could be because of a multiplicity of reasons like theft, flood, a major collision, or an accident. 
  • Rebuilt title means when a car that had been given a ‘salvage’ title is repaired and certified for use on the road once again, its status then changes to a rebuilt status.

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So, what exactly is the difference between salvage and a rebuilt vehicle? 

The major difference, as also talked about earlier, lies in just the condition of the car. A car with a ‘salvage’ title is a vehicle that is unfit to be out on the road. On the other hand, a car with a ‘rebuilt’ title has been specially repaired and restored from its dilapidated condition to be fit for driving on the road again. So now, the big question is should you ever buy a car with a rebuilt title? How reliable is it? 

Let us talk about the pros and cons of buying a used car with both a salvage title and a rebuilt title to understand things better: 

Buying a car with a salvage title: Pros And Cons


There may be some very amazing deals available due to the way a vehicle is labeled with a salvage title. Most states declare a stolen car a total loss and reimburse the owner if it isn't retrieved within 21 days or longer. 

In the event that the car is recovered, it can be totally uninjured but have a title marked as salvage. Additionally, if the damage is mostly cosmetic, automobiles that have been in accidents but haven't been mended can be bought at a fantastic price.

If you’re wondering whether or not I should buy a car with a salvage title. It is a valid fear because with salvage titles you never know if the damage can be obscured unless you get the repairs made yourself. 

Some salvage cars are in such deteriorated conditions that they may never be roadworthy again, so it is extremely important that you get the damage inspected by a licensed technician.

In the correct situations, rebuilt automobiles for sale might also be a terrific deal. You won't have to play the guessing game that is typical of salvage autos because the repairs have already been made and the car has been certified. 

Comparatively, you can pay 20% to 50% less for a car with a rebuilt title than a clean title.

The disadvantage of a rebuilt title is that your car is less valuable and attractive than a similar model with a clear title. Furthermore, it's impossible to know how well the repairs were done; were old, salvaged, or subpar parts used? 

Was it a car from a flood that is now prone to premature corrosion? Were the paint and bodywork applied properly, or will it start to fall off as soon as you pay the money? It's a risk.

Expert Advice

How to be safe while buying a car with a rebuilt title? 

If you’ve finally made up your mind about buying a car with a rebuilt title, there are certain questions that you should ask to make sure that the model is worth it, after all, you are still paying for it! 

  • Check the repair receipts: It is very important that you check the repair receipts if the current seller is the one who got the repairs done. 
  • Is it insured under a brand title? A very good way to judge the worth of a rebuilt car is to ask whether or not the current owner was able to secure insurance for it. If they weren’t able to then it can be a red flag. 
  • Was the powertrain or frame damaged? The costlier ones, including the frame and the engine and transmission, are two places where consumers frequently skimp on repairs. Be extra cautious moving forward if these were harmed in the collision.

Insurance and financing may both be suspect. Due to the decreased value, many lenders are reluctant to finance refurbished and salvaged vehicles. Additionally, car insurance can be pricey and challenging to obtain for the limited coverage you receive.


Q. What is the drawback of a rebuilt title?

Ans: In comparison to a vehicle with a clean title, one with a rebuilt title may even be more difficult to sell. Rebuilt titles could lead buyers to be suspicious because they typically indicate that the car has previously been in a serious accident or perhaps been declared a total loss.

Q. What does a rebuilt title mean in Arkansas?

Ans: "Rebuilt title" refers to an Arkansas certificate of title that has the word "REBUILT" printed in the notes section on the front and was given to the owner of a rebuilt or reconstructed motor vehicle, as specified here.

Q. How do you change a rebuilt title to a clean title?

Ans: Once a car receives a rebuilt title, a clean title will never be given to it once more. The mark will always be present on its title. There is always a possibility that a hidden issue went unrepaired, even if a car has been rebuilt by skilled, certified experts.

Q. What does rebuilt mean on Carfax?

Ans: If a vehicle has a rebuilt title, it has either received a salvage title or been deemed a total loss by an insurance provider. However, it has been restored to drivable condition rather of being scrapped.

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