2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Review

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The Giulia is unlike any other small luxury sedan on the market, both visually and mechanically. Its unique grille will definitely draw attention, and its handling surpasses that of conventional luxury cars. 

But not everyone will enjoy this Alfa. Some drivers don't mind sharing the road with thousands of other motorists who made the same choice because they prefer the comfort, luxury, and technology offered by competitors like the New Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4. For those seeking a distinctive luxury sedan with an exciting driving experience, there is the Giulia.

Alfa Romeo introduces Estrema, a new limited-edition trim level, for 2023. Based on the loaded Veloce trim, it has an adaptive suspension system from the high-performance Quadrifoglio model as well as a limited-slip differential as standard equipment. The Estrema also features 19-inch black wheels with black brake calipers, as well as interior and exterior details made of carbon fiber. Exterior badging for the Dark Estrema is also present.

What’s New
  • Dependable turbocharged engines
  • For the class, the rear seat room is limited.
  • Launch of a new, limited-edition Estrema trim level.
  • Beautiful interior architecture
  • Though difficult to access, the trunk space is enough.
  • A part of the 2017 model from the first Giulia generation.

A few mistakes lower this rating. Smooth stops are practically impossible because the brakes clamp down rather forcefully at the top of the pedal stroke and again just before stopping. Additionally, the transmission takes a while to downshift when you really push for extra speed.

The body reacts promptly to steering inputs, and the steering wheel is well-balanced. Excellent handling, with little body roll and pinpoint accuracy. If you want to have fun when driving, make sure you get summer tires instead than all seasons.

With a standard engine, it has one of the fastest 0-60 mph times in the sector (5.4 seconds), and once the turbocharger kicks in, the acceleration feels much faster. 

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Fuel Economy

The EPA estimates the all-wheel-drive Giulia's combined fuel economy to be 26 mpg (23 city/31 highway). This is usual for a four-cylinder turbocharged compact luxury sedan with all-wheel drive, but when you take into account the Giulia's greater acceleration, it shines a little brighter. On our 115-mile evaluation route, it did, however, achieve 25.9 mpg; normally, we find results in the middle of the combined and highway ratings. For example, a BMW 330i xDrive obtained 31.3 mpg on the same journey.


Alfa provides four years/50,000 miles of coverage for both its basic and powertrain warranties, which is similar to most in the class. The initial maintenance visit is free, and roadside assistance is covered for four years and unlimited miles. But be careful—many Alfa models have demonstrated dubious reliability.

Leather, metal, and soft-touch materials are extensively used in the cabin's appealing and distinctive design. You appear to get what you pay for. However, our test car's phone integration system was buggy and had a constant rattle.

Giulia prices begin at just over $40,000 on average. Although other sedans from Acura, Lexus, and Volvo are often more affordable, it's actually not terrible compared to the cost of rivals from Mercedes and BMW that are similarly equipped.

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The Giulia is primarily a sport sedan, however, it is also rather comfortable. The front seats can be adjusted in many different ways to find the ideal position. The backs are comfortable as well, and the lower back is well supported. Rarely you experience a harsh or shaky ride. Only deteriorated road surfaces allow for strong transmission into the cabin. And we adore the throaty exhaust sound of the Giulia.

However, the majority of these highlights are offset by dangers. Most drivers will rest their legs on top of the seats' obtrusive, rigid thigh bolsters. The engine, which sounds fantastic when wrung out, is also hollow at low rpm, and the interior also lets in a lot of tire noise.


Although the infotainment system allows both touchscreen and dial inputs, some functions are strangely positioned, and the latter cannot control everything presented. For example, to choose a radio setting, you must use the screen. The main pillar of the Giulia is pushed far forward, making it difficult to enter and exit the vehicle from the front, and the wheel arches encroach into the rear passenger area. And when you do get inside, the back has particularly limited headroom.

The attention to detail given to this position demonstrates that the driver is the main emphasis in this situation. The armrests are at the ideal height for comfortable cruising, and the seat and steering wheel are both extensively adjustable. It is quite gratifying to pull the metal shift paddles that are fastened to the steering column. Despite the limited over-the-shoulder vision caused by the placement of the central pillar, visibility is still quite decent.

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As usual, execution is what makes something awful. Despite the trunk's size, its top edge and bottom edge are practically parallel to one another. As a result, you slide goods into the trunk rather than dropping them in, just like you would with an oven. You will need to enter the trunk to collect anything you put as far forward as the backs of the rear seats. Although the car seat anchors are simple to reach, a child safety seat will need to be moved in order to fit because of the narrow door openings and limited rear space.

The Performance takes precedence over utility, but the Giulia is more than just a weekend vehicle. There are adequate storage areas within the car to store your daily gear, and the trunk, at 13.4 cubic feet, offers more total storage than the majority of competitors. The cottage has a lot of little pockets and cubbies all over it.\

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Until you say something it doesn't understand, the system looks to enable natural language recognition before a structured menu list displays. Point-of-interest search rarely works, and navigation input is laborious. The radio will literally blast you away if you had a podcast playing at a high level when the car was off because Bluetooth takes a while to connect. The technology in Giulia is inferior to that of its competitors. Particularly lacking when compared to the more complete Audi, BMW, and Mercedes systems are the voice commands. Additionally, the phone integration is subpar despite the abundance of connectors and pads for charging your gadgets. 

There are some standouts. The driver safety aids, while perhaps being a little too sensitive, function well in general, and the included Harman Kardon audio system has a powerful, clear sound.

Expert Advice

As of this writing, Alfa Romeo has not made any formal announcements on the 2023 Giulia. If anything changes, we'll revise our advice, but based on the Giulia from the previous year, we advise choosing the Ti trim. It has a sizable amount of Sprint trim's standard amenities as well as larger 18-inch wheels and a panoramic sunroof. The choice to add the Active Assist Plus and Premium Interior and Sound options is more significant. Select the new Estrema trim level if you want more performance.

The Giulia is bursting with personality. Although the back end is somewhat anonymous, the avian front end stands out in a positive way. Similar to its outside, its interior is unlike anything else in the world. There may not be any car (with base engines) in this market that is more exciting or enjoyable to drive thanks to the car's satisfying steering, superb handling, gripping seats, and rorty four-cylinder. The only flaws in an otherwise flawless driving experience are some squeaky brakes and a slightly sluggish transmission. You'll probably realize right away if Giulia is the ideal vehicle for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is the Alfa Romeo Giulia a good car?

Answer - The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a respectable little luxury car, yes. Thanks to its engaging handling, smooth ride, and powerful engine, it has performance that is among the best in its class. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio's powerful twin-turbocharged V6 will appeal to performance fans.

Q.2 Why is the Alfa Romeo Giulia so unreliable?

Answer - Alfa Romeos are viewed as unreliable for a number of reasons. The Axle and Suspension are responsible for one of the biggest issues, according to Reliability Index. This is responsible for 25.91% of all errors. With 18.13% of the defects, electrical faults are second.

Q.3 Do Alfa Romeo hold value?

Answer - A five-year depreciation rate for an Alfa Romeo Giulia is 44%, with a five-year resale value of $28,315. The anticipated depreciation over the following ten years is shown in the figure below. These outcomes apply to cars that travel 12,000 miles annually on average and are in good condition.

Q.4 Which Alfa Romeo is the most reliable?

Answer - If we had to pick just one Alfa Romeo vehicle as the most dependable, the Guilia, particularly the Quadrifoglio, would take the top spot. When compared to earlier models, everything—from the driving experience to its increased dependability—makes it a vehicle of which Alfa Romeo can be justly proud.

Q.5 Is Alfa Romeo made by Ferrari?

Answer - Alfa Romeo is not owned by Ferrari; rather, FIAT Chrysler is the current owner. Alfa Romeo and Ferrari briefly shared a (symbolic) roof once more, but all previous ties between the two brands are now a thing of the past.

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