Acura RDX vs. MDX - How Do the Crossovers Differ?

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Two of them—the RDX and MDX—cover a market area that is almost as large as the turnpikes they are made to travel on. (Acura has long since abandoned fantastic real model names like Legend and Vigor.) A two-row vehicle with sports aspirations, the RDX comes equipped with an all-wheel-drive system and a four-cylinder engine. The New Acura MDX is its larger sibling and has the power to support three rows of people.

Since the brand first arrived on our shores about thirty years ago, the luxury division of the Honda House has been producing vehicles that compete with Lexus and Infiniti. Nobody should be surprised that Acura has a selection of crossovers and SUVs to fit a variety of demands and interests today given the preferences of automobile buyers in current times.

Engine and Fuel Economy

Acura RDX: A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 272 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque is found under the hood of every Acura RDX, regardless of how much cash you spend on it. It is coupled to a 10-speed automatic transmission, and the flappy paddles on the steering wheel give the morning commute a little extra oomph. Under the wonderful moniker of Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, power to all four sides is optional.

Speaking of fuel efficiency, the 2020 RDX's front-wheel drive models scored a 22 mpg rating in city driving. Except for A-Spec trims, which are penalised by 1 mpg due to variable gearing, most models should achieve 28 mpg on the interstate. All-wheel drive reduces fuel consumption by an additional mpg overall.

Acura MDX: The EPA rates front-wheel drive variants at 19 mpg in city driving and 26 mpg on the highway, excluding the Type S. The latter number is reduced by one mpg when power is applied to all four wheels, although oddly not in the city. 

The 3.5-liter V6 engine that powers almost all models produces 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque. The hotter Type S is an exception, concealing a 3.0 litre turbocharged V6 that is exclusive to Acura behind the diamond grille. Up to 355 horsepower and a strong 354 lb-ft of torque are available. The RDX's 10-speed automatic transmission is used by both engines.

The Verdict: Our two competitors are unexpectedly equal while cruising down the open road, yet the smaller of our two competitors easily wins the total fuel economy contest. It is advised to use premium 91 octane fuel in both vehicles. It would seem that the young, which is nutrient-rich and produces almost as much power as its larger and older brother but in a smaller packaging, wins the day.

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Acura RDX: With an entry-level front-wheel drive model priced under $40,000, this year's RDX gives buyers the option of selecting the $3,000 A-Spec specification without upgrading to the $2,000 all-wheel drive option. A-suggested Spec's retail price of $45,325 includes destination, although it does call for the purchase of a $2,900 Tech package.

Acura MDX: The top price for the MDX, when the upcoming Type S is discounted, is $61,675. The MDX starts at $47,925 for 2020, and extras like all-wheel drive and the swanky A-Spec package are available. The price difference between the two is $2,000 for the former and $3,500 for the A-Spec, which also requires the $5,000 Tech package (remind you of anything?) and the stated all-wheel drive.

The Verdict: The less expensive RDX prevails in this comparison due to its added utility in terms of practical considerations like ground clearance as well as somewhat more room for front-seat occupants.

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Design and Body

Acura RDX: Although appearance is always a matter of opinion, your author thinks the 2020 RDX is a gorgeous vehicle, particularly in A-Spec trim, which comes in a rainbow of colours and has a jazzy red upholstery as an option. A large Drive Select button that dominates its centre stack is a daring design decision that is reminiscent of the NSX halo vehicle. There are two sewer cannons that protrude from the back bumper cover, and there are several different wheel designs to pick from.

Acura MDX: With the fourth-generation MDX, Acura has finally nailed its angular exterior style, and it pays off. Although it isn't significantly different from the model that came before, the numerous minor design changes considerably freshen the appearance. The MDX has a stronger presence, especially in sportier A-Spec trim, thanks to thinner lighting components and more contoured flanks.

The Verdict: Both vehicles are outgoing counterpoints to some of the more reserved and upright rivals, some of which turn waiting for paint to dry into an exciting excursion. Both of these vehicles won't be lost in a crowded parking lot, especially if you choose a good colour like Apex Blue or Performance Red.

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Acura RDX: The car-based RDX has unexpectedly high ground clearance, measuring 8.2 inches in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models. This is comparable to or better than most models of the powerful Jeep Cherokee. The most you can tow is 1,500 pounds. Although its departure angle of 22.7 degrees will help keep you off the snowbank near the back of your parking lot, its approach angle of 17.2 degrees is nothing to get excited about.

Acura MDX: The MDX only has 7.3 inches of ground clearance in all configurations. Models with front-wheel drive can pull 3,500 lbs., while all-wheel drive vehicles can tow up to 5000 lbs. The approach and departure angles of the MDX are also relatively lacking, measuring only 14.9 and 17.4 degrees, respectively. Be cautious when approaching those concrete barriers in the parking lot.

The Verdict: Simply put, buyers who may need to navigate a January snowfall on their way to work or like to park their vehicle a little closer to the water on a summer day should choose for the smaller RDX. The added ground clearance would also be beneficial.

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Dimensions and Comfort

Acura RDX: The front row of the RDX offers exactly 40.0 inches of headroom, while the back seat offers 38.0 inches. A large 42.0 inches of front legroom, more than even the larger Honda Pilot, demonstrates the RDX's effective packing. The EPA estimates that 104 cubic feet of total passenger volume.

Consumers looking to compare vehicles should be aware of Acura's, uh, inventive method of assessing interior space. 

The larger of the two sets of figures is typically provided, and it includes any underfloor storage as well as the distance between seats. The RDX has 31.1 cubic feet of cargo space behind its back seats using this measurement, and 79.8 cubic feet with that row folded down and out of the road.

Acura MDX: Unexpectedly, the larger MDX offers a fraction less front passenger headroom (38.5 inches) than the RDX, so be sure to take a long test drive before signing on the dotted line. Noggin space in the middle and third rows is comparable to that of the RDX's back seat. In the front and middle rows of seats, legroom is approximately the same, but it drops to an elf-like 29.0 inches in the third row. There are 132 cubic feet of passengers.

Regardless of the number of driven wheels, every Acura MDX model offers the same amount of cargo room. Using the tricky Honda measures, owners can fit 18.1 cubic feet of luggage behind the third row. The space is increased by 48.4 cubic feet when that seat is folded, and if all seats are stored behind the driver and front seat passenger, there is an enormous 95.0 cubic feet of room available.

The Verdict: If carrying more than five people is a regular task, the MDX will be appropriate provided the passengers in the third row are not NBA players. However, the smaller Acura isn't exactly a tot, and for couples or families with up to four members, the RDX would be a better option. But thanks to a larger footprint, the MDX is more spacious in every way when it comes to cargo capacity.


Acura RDX: All save the most ardent gadget lovers will be content with their RDX because it includes a wide range of driver aids like frontal collision warning and a multi-view camera system. Include the fantastic Acura/ELS Studio 3D premium audio system in your specifications; this piece of equipment has no fewer than sixteen speakers (four of which are on the roof) and can simulate your favourite musician performing live on the dashboard.

Acura MDX: Every 2020 MDX is equipped with an array of standard safety features, including adaptive cruise control and lane keeping. Every passenger is pampered by luxurious features including tri-zone climate control and power seats with numerous adjustments.

The Verdict: Each machine contributes a high level of technology to the gathering. The option lists are relatively close, but because to the extras like memory seats, the MDX narrowly prevails.

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Expert Advice

Despite its more compact size and lower cost, RDX probably offers a better value overall. On a snowy day, everyone can benefit from its improved ground clearance. The RDX is probably going to satisfy while costing less, unless you absolutely must have the third row of seats in the MDX. Interested in checking out these vehicles? Check out our website to see or search for the latest new cars near you. Explore New cars now!


Q. Is Acura MDX an American car?

Ans: The TLX, ILX, RDX, and MDX are just a few of the Acura models that are built in North America, specifically in Ohio.

Q. Which Acura SUV is bigger?

Ans: While both the RDX and MDX have roomy interiors, the MDX is the larger Acura SUV due to its larger external and interior proportions.

Q. What's better MDX or RDX?

Ans: The RDX is typically the more effective choice. Compared to the MDX's 20 mpg city and 27 mpg highway, you'll achieve 22 mpg city and 28 mpg highway.

Q. Is Lexus more reliable than Acura?

Ans: Overall, both Acura and Lexus (as well as Honda and Toyota, respectively) have great histories for car safety and long-term dependability, although consumer reviews and analysis by automotive experts place Lexus slightly ahead of Acura.

Q. Can MDX use regular gas?

Ans: Regular gasoline will work just fine in your Acura ILX, TLX, RLX, MDX, or RDX, but using the suggested premium unleaded 91 octane fuel is certain to improve performance, lengthen durability, and keep your Acura operating as it should — giving you the piece of mind you've been looking for.